Apple Day


Apple day is a national event initiated by Common Ground in 1990 and held in mid to late October every year, promoting the heritage varieties of Britain.
Sample different varieties, get advice on apple growing, grafting and pruning, join in apple games.
Britain has the largest heritage of apple growing than any other country and in Cumbria alone there are over 16 local known varieties.     

Due to market demand for uniformity in shape , size and taste, many of these heritage varieties go unnoticed by the consumer. Over the years, this has led to a huge decline in the apple orchards of England. A survey carried out by the Apple Project (1998) revealed that more than half the orchards in the Crosby Ravensworth and Dacre parishes of Cumbria have been lost since the start of the century.

Heritage apples generally have unique and interesting tastes and textures, widley used in making preserves, juices and of course cider.

Many old varieties still exist and you may even have one growing in your garden. If you want to find out more about your old apple tree, have it identified, get advice on grafting and pruning as well as learning about what you can do with your harvest, then come along to an Apple Day near you.

Every year, apples go unpicked in the UK, representing a huge waste of locally grown produce. ORCHARD LINK can put owners in touch with local producers and you can even hire the apple press to make your own juice or cider.