How to make an easy rice pudding

If you are looking for a simple to make family pudding then you can not go far wrong with this recipe for a rice pudding.

This pudding is ideal for a cheap, easily made, ballast kind of pudding.  Great for cold winter nights when you just need a bit of fuel in the tummy at the end of the day.

We are going to make the pudding in a microwave.  It is by far the cleanest and most efficient way as it avoids stirring a pan on the stove constantly.

Start with half a mug of pearl rice

Start with half a mug of pearl rice

Measurements are flexible, and put together by a boy in the UK,  so can be tweaked to suit your particular circumstances. We estimate this recipe will produce 4-6 good growing boy sized portions.

Start with about half a mug of Pearl Rice ( very short grain pudding rice).  This is easily purchased from most stores. Make sure you do not get long grain rice – thats the stuff you would put with a curry.

Put the rice into the bottom of a big glass microwave suitable bowl.  Use the largest bowl for your microwave as the milk will boil up the sides.

Add to the bowl around 2.5 pints of milk.

Use around 2.5 pints of milk

Use around 2.5 pints of milk

For luxury you could use full fat milk, or maybe substitute some of the milk for a can of evaporated milk, but usually we use semi-skimmed milk.

We are lucky here as we have an old fashioned milk delivery.

The milkman arrives in the early hours and delivers the milk fresh from the dairy in glass milk bottles.

He then takes away rinsed out used bottles for cleaning and refilling.

This is a fantastic, green service that has gone on in the UK for many, many years and well before recycling had a name.

Add about 1/2 a nutmeg or 1/2 a teaspoon of ground nutmeg

Add about 1/2 a nutmeg or 1/2 a teaspoon of ground nutmeg

Add around half a grated whole Nutmeg, or use around half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, to the bowl.

This will give the pudding a slight spicy taste and fill the whole house with a great warming scent as it cooks

Nutmeg is used in many dishes but also in perfumes and medicines.

Originally brought from the Spice Islands in Indonesia the nutmeg reached the Caribbean around 1824. It is from here that around 40% of the worlds crop of nutmegs now come from.

Add sugar to taste. Usually we add about a tablespoon full.

Stir all of the ingredients together and put into the microwave.

Temperatures vary with all machines so as a basis we suggest keeping an eye on the cooking process and making sure nothing boils over or seems to be going wrong.

Normally we set the cooking time to around one hour on simmer after about 10 minutes on full.  What you are trying to achieve is the reduction in the milk into a creamy consistency. You may need to cook longer or shorter to achieve the consistency you are looking for.

We suggest that every so often you remove the bowl from the microwave and give it a stir, just to keep the rice and milk mixed up.

Lovely, sticky rice pudding

Lovely, sticky rice pudding

This rice pudding is ideal for creating during the day then reheating later in the day.

Here you would remove the bowl from the cooker and covering it, allow it to cool.  Maybe putting in a fridge once cool enough.

Reheating is easy. Just put the bowl back in the microwave for a few minutes on a medium heat until hot.

Serve the pudding maybe with some fresh strawberries or pickled plums to suit.

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