Useful Sites

To help you get the best from your weekly shopping and control a tight food budget, you may get some useful hints and advice from the following sites:

Student Cook

A great website designed to help students eat healthy food on a tight budget.

Full of general advice from cooking basics and methods to easy entertaining and great ideas for all occasions.

Designed as a one stop reference for student cooking, this site holds a wealth of information for all, regularly updated by journalists and experts in the field.

Visit Student Cook



A website designed for mothers to swap all sorts of information related to bringing up a family.

How do you give your family good quality meals each day but stick to your budget at the same time? Netmums’ members have sent in their favourite recipes, amassing a great collection of meals that won’t leave you rummaging through your children’s piggy banks at the end of the week.

Good quality food that children like (all recipes have passed the stringent Netmums kiddie test, i.e. their own fussy children!) and that won’t blow the budget. You can also read some helpful money-saving – and stress-reducing! – tips.