The Hairy Bikers – Mumknowsbest Recipes

Si King and Dave Myers, aka The Hairy Bikers,  seem to have yet another hit on their hands with their new six part series  – The Hairy Bikers: Mums Know Best.

In this series, the Hairy Bikers are sending out a call-to-arms for grandmothers, mums and daughters, from matriarchs to yummy mummies, to unlock their private recipe archives and share them with the nation.

Each week, the boys drop in on three keen cooks, raiding their larders and plundering the secrets of their cookbooks in search of family recipes that have been passed from one generation to the next and stood the test of time.

The day culminates with a banquet, prepared by the Hairy Bikers and the three mums.

You can watch the series on BBC iPlayer or  on a Tuesday evening, 20:00 on BBC Two (except Northern Ireland (Analogue), Wales (Analogue))

Here are links to some of the recipes featured

Episode 1

Aida’s Baking Kit and Recipes (PDF – 167kb)

Download: Maureen’s Recipes (PDF – 111Kb)

Download: Gameelah’s Recipes (PDF – 113Kb)

Download: Aida’s Red Button Recipes (PDF – 81 Kb)

Download more savoury recipes handed in at the fair

Episode 2 – Picnics

Download: Bridget’s Recipes (PDF – 111Kb)

Download: Heather’s Recipes, inc Red Button Recipes (PDF – 157Kb)

Download: Yasmeen’s Recipes (PDF – 119 Kb)

Download the recipes from the fair (PDF – 284 Kb)

Episode 3 – Simple Suppers

Download: Fiona’s Recipes (PDF – 109Kb)

Download: Harjinder’s Recipes incl. Red Button Recipes (PDF – 135Kb)

Download: Jeni’s Recipes (PDF – 97Kb)

Traditional rice pudding on BBC Food

Download the recipes from the fair (PDF – 281 Kb)

Episode 4 – Sunday dinners

Download: Julia’s Recipes (PDF – 141Kb)

Download: Leonie’s Recipes (PDF – 34Kb)

Download: Peter’s Recipes (PDF – 31Kb)

Download the recipes from the fair (PDF – 129 Kb)

Episode 5 – Show off dishes

Estonian cooking – from Eele including the red pudding Roosa Manna

Download: Muriel’s Recipes (PDF – 109kb)

Download: Tessa’s Recipes (PDF – 99 Kb)

Download the recipes from the fair (PDF – 289 Kb)

Recipes from episode 6 – Birthday treats

Download: Connie’s Recipes (PDF – 139Kb)

Download: Ira’s Recipes (PDF – 118Kb)

Download: Yvonne’s Recipes (PDF – 111Kb)

Hairy Bikers’ Recipes from this episode on BBC Food

Download the recipes from the fair (PDF – 328 Kb)

Further information

The BBC has set up a message board to discuss some of the things made in this series.  You can find it here

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