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Wild Garlic

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) can be found in early spring, growing in moist, partly shaded areas of woodland, often near bluebells. Broad green leaves which look similar to those of Lily of the Valley, start showing from around late February and will flower towards April or May. The white flowers of wild garlic look very […]

Foraging Courses

Foraging for wild food can be a very rewarding experience.  As well as finding nutritious food for free you also have a great day out, exercising, walking with friends or just enjoying the scenery. Finding and identifying wild berries, plants and fungi can be a daunting task, so a number of people around the UK […]

Wild Mushrooms Online

Wild Mushrooms Online is a great website for fungi lovers and wild food foragers. It has become one of the largest in the UK for wild mushroom information. Some of the topics covered include; Learn how to find, identify and pick wild mushrooms. Recipes for wild mushrooms. How to grow your own mushrooms. Information on […]

Oriental Food for Flavour and Economy

Oriental, is a term which means “The East”. The Orient is comprised of central Asia, East Asia, North Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia. Most people think of Chinese food when you say Oriental but the range is diverse, spanning the countries of China, Indonesia, Indian Sub Continent, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and […]