Wild Mushrooms Online

Wild Mushrooms Online is a great website for fungi lovers and wild food foragers. It has become one of the largest in the UK for wild mushroom information.

Some of the topics covered include;

  • Learn how to find, identify and pick wild mushrooms.
  • Recipes for wild mushrooms.
  • How to grow your own mushrooms.
  • Information on buying dried mushrooms

The aim is to populate the site with fungi information from all over the world but a with a focus on mushrooms of the UK, it is an excellent resource for British Foragers.

A new Meet other Foragers section allows you can meet and communicate with other people who want to have a forgaing companion. It is always a very good idea to team up as you find more and can share the fun of identification. It also make a great day out with new friends.

Wild Mushrooms Online website