Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower has a fresh light taste and is great for making into cordial.

From mid June, the frothy cream flower heads of the Elder are blooming in hedgerows and gardens.

Elder Flowers in June

Elder Flowers in June

A good way to enjoy the summery taste of elderflower is to make a cordial which can be mixed with ice and water for a refreshing summer drink or a touch of gin if you want an alcoholic version.

Elderflower cordial also an excellent light syrup to pour over ice cream and blends well to bring out the flavour of gooseberries.

To make elderflower cordial.

We scoured the internet for recipes similar to the one gran made years ago and the favourite was Fiona’s Traditonal Elderflower Cordial from the Cottage smallholder.

This recipe gives a greater intensity of flavour as it uses more flower heads than most people suggest and allows the mixture to steep for 48 hours instead of the usually suggested 24.

If anybody has any other ideas for elderflower cordial recipes or uses, then please contact us via the comments section at the end of this article.