Jamie Scoops Emmy Award

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution series in the US has won him the prestigious Emmy award.

The six-part series expanded on those already presented in the UK, as the TV chef attempted to change eating habits in Huntington, Virginia – said to be America’s fattest town.

Referred to as an ‘outstanding reality programme’, Jamie tweeted: “I can’t believe we won the Emmy for Food Revolution!!”

Jamie gave particular thanks to the 650,000 people who signed his petition for healthier school meals and to improve the quality of food in the United States.  he also thanks all those who help put the series together.

The Food Revolution campaign is about saving America’s cooking skills and improving school food. Not just a TV show but a whole new movement for family and community.

Jamie Oliver encourages people who care about what their children eat and their future, to take this revolution and make it their own. Promoting education about food and cooking, finding out what children are eating at school.

He wants people to switch from processed to fresh food with a view to improving health.

Jamie’s Food Revolution series ended in April but Jamie has still been incredibly active keeping the campaign alive by sending out newsletters and filming special video messages to his supporters.

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