Archives for October 2010

Making Stock

Save your chicken bones to cook up some great stocks to make tasty soups and casseroles. Before you throw away the bones from the Chicken or Turkey, consider using them to create tasty stocks which can be used in soups, casseroles and other dishes. Using the bones in this way, ensures you get good value […]

Making Local Food Work

Making Local Food Work helps people to take ownership of their food and where it comes from by providing advice and support to community food enterprises across England.  If you are involved in a community food enterprise or interested in starting one in your community, they may be able to help you. Making Local Food […]

Mushrooms Make Sense

Mushrooms Make Sense is an informative and fun website run by the Mushroom Bureau. The Mushroom Bureau funding members are made up from mushroom growers and associated trades in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe.  They are responsible for the general publicity of all fresh cultivated mushrooms sold in Britain. This easy to navigate and […]

The Whole Hog

Much more than a cookbook, “The Whole Hog” is a celebration of the pig and all its parts. A unique blend of historical, geographical and culinary interest, together with clear explanations of how to cook the different cuts of pork and over 100 delicious recipes from chef Christopher Trotter. The pig has been domesticated throughout […]

Pumpkin Pie

The scooped out contents of your Halloween pumpkin need not be wasted.  It can be turned into soups and delicious pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is a sweet desert, which has its origins in North America and is especially associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Late Autumn is the time when pumpkins ripen and along with other […]