Mushrooms Make Sense

Mushrooms Make Sense is an informative and fun website run by the Mushroom Bureau.

The Mushroom Bureau funding members are made up from mushroom growers and associated trades in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe.  They are responsible for the general publicity of all fresh cultivated mushrooms sold in Britain.

Mushrooms Make Sense website

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This easy to navigate and fun website offers everything you need to know about cultivated mushrooms combined with some fantastic recipe videos from Loveable chef Gino D’Acampo.

If you are looking for great mushroom recipes, then the Mushrooms Make Sense site is perfect.  There are clear instructions and mouthwatering images for a whole variety of mushroom dishes, including soups, risottos and much more.

Latest news from the world of mushrooms, includes scientific studies into nutritional aspects of mushrooms and their potential role in weight loss diets as well as their ability to help fight against cancers.

Learn about different members of the cultivated mushroom family. From the well know white mushrooms through to brown, portabello, oyster, shitake, enoki and buna-shimeji.

Mushrooms Make Sense has an informative section on the health benefits of mushrooms which are full of healthy vitamins and minerals, including a high content of vitamin C and fibre.

The website could benefit from a search function and would definitely keep people’s interest if there were a newsletter or e.mail sign up or an RSS feed.

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