Dandelion Recipes

To most gardener’s the Dandelion is just a pernicious weed but all of it’s parts are edible, with many culinary uses and nutritional benefits.”


Dandelions are a highly versatile herb

This year,  a warm spring has seen Dandelions growing everywhere.  So, rather than trying to beat them, why not take advantage of the glut of free food and create some delicious recipes.

Dandelion has been used by herbalists since the 10th century as a gentle liver cleanser and general detox, to treat kidney and gall bladder problems and to aid joint conditions.  It has also been used to relieve water retention, treat cancer and eczema, aid digestive problems and as a blood purifier.

Vitamins and minerals

Dandelions are high in minerals, providing a natural source of potassium which is good for regulating blood pressure, iron, phosphorus, sodium and calcium.

The leaves of the dandelion are packed with Vitamin A, with traces of Vitamins B, C and D.

Dandelion root contains sterols, choline, inulin, triterpenes, tannins, volatile oil, asparagin, and bitter glycosides.

Dandelion Flowers

The bright yellow flowers of the Dandelion make a cleansing dandelion tea, a delicious dandelion wine, which is one of the finest white country wines you can make and a great dandelion marmalade, which has been very popular since Pam the Jam made some on a recent River Cottage programme.

Dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves are very high in vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes.  They can be made into teas or simply picked and eaten raw in salads.  However, the leaves are best picked young, as once the plant has started to show signs of flowering, the leaves will become very bitter.

Dandelion roots

The roots of the Dandelion have been used for many years in herbal medicine but the modern way to use them is to make Dandelion coffee.

We have never tried it yet but apparently it tastes very similar to normal coffee and can be used in the same manner.

Dandelion recipes

Dandelion Tea – A selection of easy to make dandelion tea recipes.

Dandelion root coffee – How to make your own dandelion root coffee.

Dandelion Marmalade Based on the River Cottage recipe.

Dandelion wine – In homage to the famous “It’s a Good Life” quote; “you’re not self sufficient until you can make your own alcohol”, we just had to include this recipe for dandelion wine.