Course: Coastal wild food

Course info: Coastal Wild Food

A unique introduction to the coastal wild food to be found on the shores of Morecambe Bay in Cumbria.

Hedgerow foods are fantastic sources of vitamin C

Hedgerow foods are fantastic sources of vitamin C

Knowledge and use of wild food brings you into a much deeper connection with your local environment and also provides you with healthy, nutritious and balanced food throughout the year.

It is a constant reminder of the changing seasons and your ancient ties with the world around you.

The environment of Morecambe Bay near Arnside is unique in posessing a wide range of coastal habitat, from salt marsh, cliffs, pebble shores, rocky shores and expanses of sand and mud.

It is also ringed by coastal forest and wild flower meadows.

This makes it an ideal place to learn about coastal wild food as well as learn about a wide range of other plants.

This one day course is spent entirely outside.

The course will spend the morning walking and learning about coastal wild food before stopping for lunch. In the afternoon you will explore the forest and meadows. The course will include:

  • salt marsh plants
  • seaweeds
  • shore plants
  • forest edibles
  • edible small animals such as insects or shellfish

A guide to the plants found during the day will also be given out for you to take home.

Sonny has been foraging for 7 years and has taught wild food courses for the Lake District National Park and the Flora of the Fells festival as well as running a range of wild food walks for communities across Cumbria for a number of years.

Booking details

1 day course at Arnside near Kendal in Cumbria on Saturday 27th August. Cost £60.

To book go or ring Sonny Khan on 01539 740 694.