Getting Fruity at River Cottage

Summer this year has given us a bountiful fruit harvest and Hugh’s latest book; River Cottage Fruit Every gives us some wonderful ideas as we gather the last of the apples, quinces, hips and berries.

The book runs alongside the latest in the River Cottage television series “River Cottage to the Core” which is currently showing on Channel 4.

As well as our usual preserves, pickles, chutneys, crumbles and pies, Hugh makes us think outside the box when it comes to cooking with our fruit with such delicacies as From Pear and Stilton Pizza to Blackberry Beer and Chicken Pie.

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Fruit is pretty much the perfect food: bountiful, delicious and colourful, it also helps us to fight infection, stresses and strains. But why are we still a nation that thinks it’s a bit racy to slice a banana onto our cornflakes in the morning?

River Cottage Fruit Every Day - Book cover

River Cottage Fruit Every Day – Book cover

A ‘piece of fruit’ in a lunch box, on the breakfast table or at the end of a meal is all very well, but fruit is so much more exciting than this, and we don’t eat nearly enough of the stuff.

Perhaps this is because we don’t always understand how to use it in our cooking, or how to choose the best fruit for the season.

Hugh sets out to address this head on with 180 delicious recipes.

River Cottage Fruit Every Day! will show you how to enjoy a broader eating experience and make fruit easy, fun and irresistible. You’ll find recipes for all the wonderful seasonal fruit that grows in this country, and learn how to make the most of fruit from other parts of the world.

Recipes include marinated lamb and fig kebabs; barbecued pork chops with peaches and sage; venison stew with damsons; and parsnip and apple cakes. There are also fresh and zingy salads as well as gorgeous cakes, tarts, pies, crumbles and puddings.

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