St Patrick’s Day Recipes

If you are looking for inspiration for St. Patrick’s day food then go to the Food Network website where they have 34 dishes to choose from.

The fertile land and temperate climate of Ireland make the emerald isle perfect for growing fresh produce and rearing livestock.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon is an Irish speciality

Lamb and bacon are the meats of choice and the waters of the Irish coast provide an abundance of seafood.

Smoked salmon is popular in Ireland and smoked Irish salmon is in great demand worldwide.

Irish recipes include cakes, stews, breads, salad and vegetable dishes.

The famous soda bread is wonderful with soup and so very easy to make with no rising time required.  It can even be flavoured with cheese or herbs.

One of the staple foods of Ireland which led to the deaths and emigration of thousands during the famine of the 1840’s is the humble potato or spud and for this reason the Irish became very adept at making something out of seemingly nothing.

Champ is a very well know Irish dish, easy and economical to make consisting of mashed potato and spring onions.  Champ has reached new heights in many restaurants but it’s beginnings came about through the necessity to mask the dreadful taste of blighted potatoes by using chopped spring onion.

A similar dish, Colcannon, uses kale or cabbage instead of the spring onions.

Champ and Colcannon are great ways to use up left over potato.

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