Save money and grow your own

Spend £200 to save a possible £1,564 on shop prices, just by growing your own crops, according to the  latest figures from the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners. Figures compiled by the NSALG reveal allotment holders could save an annual £1200 off their shopping bills. The news comes just months after consumer watchdog Which? […]

A Good Year for Apples

One of our readers has sent in pictures of his four year old apple tree, which this year has cropped well. All over the country, this has been a good year for fruit with most top fruit cropping heavily.

The Humble Turnip makes a Comeback

      A recent article in the Guardian would suggest that the humble turnip or (Neep / Stumshie) as it is known in Scotland is staging a comeback. Commonly the Swede or yellow turnip (Rutabaga) is what we refer to as “turnip” but the true turnip is a smaller, white root vegetable.

The Cherry Harvest

    At this time of year our fruits are starting to ripen and it has been a very good season for the dwarf cherry tree with over 10 Kilos of fruit picked over the last two weeks. Protecting the fruit from the birds is usually done by netting the tree, but it is just […]