St Patrick’s Day Recipes

If you are looking for inspiration for St. Patrick’s day food then go to the Food Network website where they have 34 dishes to choose from. The fertile land and temperate climate of Ireland make the emerald isle perfect for growing fresh produce and rearing livestock. Lamb and bacon are the meats of choice and […]

Duck with elderflower and lovage

Elder flowers are synonymous with the start of British summer, but apart from making elderflower cordial, wine and champagne, they have a great many other uses. We found this great recipe by Lawrence Keogh on the BBC Food website which uses elder flowers and elder flower cordial to dress a rather tasty peppered duck. A […]

Primula Easy Pancake Day Treats

If your Pancake day fare is a little jaded, then why not try these exciting and easy ideas from Primula this Shrove Tuesday. The recipes make the ideal lunchbox snack and are full of flavour. The uniquely squeezy cheese is a healthy option for savory pancakes as it contains a third less fat than hard […]

Spiced Sloe and Apple jelly

We all know that Sloes make a great Sloe gin or Liqueur but combined with apples, they can also make a wonderful rich jelly. Tiny purple sloes look like miniature plums and have a huge seed and very little flesh.  Although they can be used to make jam, you will spend a lot of time […]

Cucumber pickle

This lovely European pickle is a great way to use up a glut of cucumbers. Do not panic at the amount of salt you see in the recipe, the salt is used to draw moisture from the cucumber and you will be rinsing this away before making the pickle. The art to this pickle is […]