A Good Year for Apples

One of our readers has sent in pictures of his four year old apple tree, which this year has cropped well. All over the country, this has been a good year for fruit with most top fruit cropping heavily.

Go to your local show…

Regularly seen as something to do on a Sunday with the ‘olds’ the local show or village gathering is well worth a visit. The day is often the culmination of many weeks of meetings by the organising committee and the highlight of the social calendar for many. In the UK many such functions often have a theme […]

Wild Apples

July brings warm sunny days and balmy nights, ideal for going for a walk and having a look to see what is ripening in your local hedgerows. Wild apple trees can often be found alongside park embankments and hedges.  Quite simply the result of somebody’s discarded apple core whilst out walking or thrown from car […]

Roadside Honesty

When travelling country roads one often comes across signs attached to gateposts or propped against trees proclaiming “fresh fruit and veg” as well as many other delights such as free range eggs and honey. One such occasion was yesterday, for once a dry and mild Saturday, enabling us to take our dogs Buster and Charlie […]

Apple Day

  Apple day is a national event initiated by Common Ground in 1990 and held in mid to late October every year, promoting the heritage varieties of Britain. Sample different varieties, get advice on apple growing, grafting and pruning, join in apple games. Britain has the largest heritage of apple growing than any other country […]