Hampers make great gifts

Food hampers make thoughtful and useful gifts, offering your friends or family those little luxuries. It is also a great way to send a special gift if you cannot be there in person. Food hampers can range from around £25.00 to over £150, so there is always something for everybody.  A simple thank you bottle […]

River Cottage Christmas Fayre

On Friday 19th November, Hugh and the River Cottage team will be hosting the first ever River Cottage Christmas Fayre, at River Cottage HQ! The Fayre will be filmed as part of the River Cottage Christmas special show, there is very limited space on set so they are offering River Cottage members the opportunity to […]

The Cherry Harvest

    At this time of year our fruits are starting to ripen and it has been a very good season for the dwarf cherry tree with over 10 Kilos of fruit picked over the last two weeks. Protecting the fruit from the birds is usually done by netting the tree, but it is just […]