The humble Bramble or Blackberry can be found in hedgerows from early September to early October.  This versatile autumn fruit is packed with goodness. Dark purple, almost black fruits, similar to a Raspberry, are borne on thorny plants which climb their way through hedges and scrub. Blackberry fruits are highly nutritious, being packed with vitamin […]

The Bilberry

The Bilberry (Vacinnium Myrtillus) is a small shrubby perennial that grows in damper, acidic areas of meadows and woodland.  Edible black/blue fruits are produced in mid to late summer, singly or in pairs. Known by many other names inclding: Bleeberry, blaeberry, whortleberry, whinberry (or winberry), wimberry, myrtle blueberry, fraughan, and other regional variations. They were called […]