Foraging Courses

Foraging for wild food can be a very rewarding experience.  As well as finding nutritious food for free you also have a great day out, exercising, walking with friends or just enjoying the scenery. Finding and identifying wild berries, plants and fungi can be a daunting task, so a number of people around the UK […]

Great Burnet

Whilst picking Brambles yesterday, I came across something I have not seen for many years….Wild Burnet. I used to pick these en masse for my father to make wine and here it was growing in the grassland near the hedgerow. The Wild Burnet or Sanguisorba Officinalis grows to around 1m tall in grassland and on […]

Blackberry Time

    Autumn is approaching rapidly and the hedgerows are starting to yield their harvest. A sunny day finally arrives, so with the dogs on their leads and pockets loaded with carrier bags, we set off to collect some Blackberries. or Brambles and Blackites as they are known locally. Compared to last year and especially […]

Wild Apples

July brings warm sunny days and balmy nights, ideal for going for a walk and having a look to see what is ripening in your local hedgerows. Wild apple trees can often be found alongside park embankments and hedges.  Quite simply the result of somebody’s discarded apple core whilst out walking or thrown from car […]